Cost Information










Each of our programs has a registration fee that includes the fees charged by

USA Swimming / Sierra Nevada Swimming or USA Water Polo

USA Swimming / Sierra Nevada Swimming $100, USA Water Polo $50

We charge an annual fee of $30 per swimmer for those swimmers who will not compete in swim meets. 

Program Monthly Fees

Practice Group/Training Group is responsible for the following monthly fees. If you have a second, third or more children, the fee for the child is $75. No family will pay more than $300 a month in dues.

  • 6 and Unders - $105 monthly 

  • 8 and Unders - $105 monthly

  • 9-12 year olds Silver Group - $115 monthly 

  • 9-12 year olds Gold Group - $125 monthly 

  • Senior Group - $140 monthly

  • National Group - $140 monthly 

  • Water Polo - seasonal fee TBD


Lodi Adult / Masters Swim program is $45 per month. 

Registration with US Masters Swimming is required. To register, click HERE.

Visit our Adult Swimming page for more information on our Adult/Masters Swim Program.


Lodi Swim Club and Lodi Water Polo Club ask that your dues and any outstanding fees be paid by the 5th of the month.
Your dues are for month that we are currently in, so you are paying ahead.
If you need to take a month off, we ask that you send a letter or an email by the 25th of the month preceding your planned absence.
If for some reason your bill is incorrect, simply contact Coach John and he will work to make an adjustment.
If you need to have more time to pay your bill, please call Coach John and the Club will work with you.