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About Us:

Lodi Traithlon and Coach James Cotta has planned a lot for you this year. You can stay up to date by visiting the Lodi Triathlon page on Facebook at Lodi Triathlon. Be prepared to be invited to a lot of rides, runs and swims. It is all great stuff and the amount of learning, ideas, and sharing of knowledge is monumental. It reminds me of the 70’s-90’s when everyone shared their knowledge of training/skills only now I see lots of carbon fiber and not much in the way of steel frames!

So grab your suit, your bike and your "wanna have fun" attitude and let’s GO!

Triathlon Team - Coach James Cotta (209) 329-0172











Triathlon 101

Our program is for the novice to advance triathlete. All 3 sports, and their transitions, will be covered during these series of classes. The main emphasis is to develop the swimming skills of the athlete, as that is generally the weakest event for a triathlete. Working on open water swimming and learning to be relaxed in an open water event will be practiced at local lakes. The transition from the swim to the bike as well as the transition from the bike to the run will be covered in depth. The technical skills of riding, cornering, climbing and descending will be practiced and improved upon. Finally, an end of class triathlon competition will serve as graduation from Triathlon 101.